Who am i?

about me

 Hi there. My name is Jo Sjoblom, and this story is about me. I love to create. I have always had to be holding and manipulating a tool to find true joy. It started with a pencil, moved to a brush, then a chainsaw, a video camera, and a mouse. I grew up drawing and painting and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Utah State University – Go Aggies!


While raising three beautiful children, a new position at South Weber Elementary School (SWE) was created just for me. For eleven years I produced a weekly video news broadcast called SWKN (South Weber Kids’ News). Each week I typically involved 50 or more students in the broadcast. This significantly increased student attendance on Monday mornings when the news was broadcast. My schedule was flexible and I did freelance artwork on the side.


Seven years ago, I began to take an active interest in local politics. I served as a city council member as well as a mayor for South Weber City. This is when I began to realize what an impact digital information and social media have on the public. I strongly desire to pass on good and honest information to the public. I want to do this in an interesting and creative way so the public will pay attention. Consequently, I enrolled in the Web and Graphic Design program at Davis Technical College (DTC) to improve my abilities in this respect.


Other things I love to do with my hands are conduct choirs, play piano, read, and play any racquet sports. I also love hiking, camping, travelling, and watching movies with my family. And one final fact about me is that I jumped out of a plane at the request of my SWE students. I landed in the school field on field day. It was the scariest thing I have ever done. I dressed as the school’s mascot – a banana.

Talk to me

Have any questions? I am always open to talk about your business, new projects, creative opportunities and how I can help you.